Hello, my name is Nicole Schneider and most of you know me as being a model for the past 24+ years, among a number of other things that I do on a daily basis.

I have literally tried hundreds of skincare products over the years. Some very expensive. Some not, and some that actually performed better than others. As far as seeing results as quickly as they all claimed to, not one of them excelled in proving their claims... until now!

Recently, I was introduced to a skincare line called GLISSANDRA, and as always I love trying new products. This product was different on so many levels. The first difference I noticed in only 2 days was that my skin felt very smooth and the product absorbed beautifully into my skin. By the second day it evened out my skin tone. I had some scars from the past that no other creams or oils, or any treatment could ever erase. By the fourth day my scars were clearly disappearing, and by the 5th day my skin looked more radiant and supple to the point that I could see even my fine lines around my eyes slowly diminishing! After just one week I could not believe that GLISSANDRA did more than any other product that I have ever tried and tested!

This product can drastically improve and recreate beautiful skin in just one week when compared to all other facial treatments who promise results and fail. This is the first time I have ever stepped up and willingly wanted to provide a testimonial to the world and endorse a product that really does everything and more, beyond expectations! The best part about this product is not only how amazing it works, but the true hardcore science behind it. GLISSANDRA truly compares to no other! I definitely recommend this product!! It WORKS!!! And I would never and will never stand behind a product unless I have tried it and can literally say it works!











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